This is a quiz to assess your current social skills level. Kindly select the option that is most applicable for you.

I am often known as being impulsive
I know the things that can cause me to trigger
I have a hard time concentrating on my long term goals
I feel sad when others around me are sad
I clearly know what I want from my life
I have a strong network of trustworthy colleagues
I do a few things that are fun to me, even if they are bad
My values are clearly defined and outline what is important to me
I am uncomfortable with difficult emotions
In most of the situations at work, I trust myself
Before I criticise anyone, I try to imagine myself in their position
I make sure that my work does not take over my personal life
I say no to things that are bad for me
I am less interested in how other people feel
My values determine the way I approach the world
I find it difficult to understand what makes my friends happy
I feel that I act or speak too quickly, without thinking about the consequences
I am easily disturbed by other peoples’ misfortune
I look forward to every new day at work
I can always name and identify the emotion I am feeling